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Vikings in Cardiff




This was just on BBC during a Huw Davies program, the Story of Wales: http://www.museumwales.ac.uk/en/253/


An interesting webpage



Sinking feeling!

This is the boat James and the rest of the Rhosgoch School tripsters were aboard just last Wednesday! Yesterday it sunk!


James goes to Skomer

Last night James came back from his school trip to Skomer, an island just off the Pembrokeshire coast. Skomer is a name of Scandinavian origin as are the names of the other islands like Grassholm and Middleholm and Emsger. “Holm” means island and we live in the “Holmes”(!). He saw some puffins and took a fantastic picture.


He also went to Heatherton and did lots of activities, but he didn’t take any pictures. Apparently he went to Castell Henllys as well, but he didn’t take any pictures of that either. They had to take a boat across to Skomer. But he didn’t take any pictures of that.


I did like this picture because you can see lots of other islands in the distance.


Don’t you think Wales should really be part of Scandinavia? It has so much in common with the other countries in Scandinavia. Here is my version of a Nordic cross flag for when Wales does become part of Scandinavia.

Welsh Nordic

Take a look at this: vsnrweb-publications.org.uk/Vikings%20in%20Wales.pdf
Swansea is actually a Viking name.

There’s something of possible interest here too: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/GENEALOGY-DNA/2012-12/1356202826

Norwegian Brown Cheese

I got my Brunost today. It’s like a very creamy cheddar that someone has mixed HP sauce with. Leaves a sweet after-taste in your mouth. It’s not really that cheesy at all, but a very pleasant and slightly different experience if you’ve not had it before. A whey cheese apparently…whatever that is.

I got it from here: http://www.thecheeseandwineshop.co.uk/products/gutbrandsdalen-gjetost-brown-cheese-1-kg.asp?bc=no


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