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Brecon vs Abergavenny

As Christ College does hockey and football this term James was up for a game with Brecon RFC against Abergavenny at home in Brecon. He played hooker. The best thing about the match was that Brecon had a turnout of 16! Which was fantastic and something I doubted I’d ever see. We even made a substitution!


It was real end to end stuff with each side scoring in turn. In the end Brecon won but it was only by a few points. Brecon’s defending was good and slowed the opposition down, but Abergavenny were good at gaining and maintaining possession.


All the parents seemed to enjoy watching despite the bitter cold. James had a good match but hasn’t done much hooking – an area for improvement should he do it again – but he put in some good tackles and had a few carries. He did well considering he’s been playing more at CCB rather than BRFC.


Afterwards it was back to the clubhouse for sausage and chips.

20150111_124524 20150111_125027

Brecon Tournament photo


Can you spot James?

Jacob is sponsored by Wheelwright Arms for the Brecon RFC Belluno tour

We’ve had many a good meal in here!

Erwood RFC trials lead to new signing


Rucking over


…and she doesn’t need a gum shield ‘cos she leaves her teeth in glass in the changing room!

Brecon RFC U10s

James, back row, on the end, far right.


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