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Iceland – day nine

We were up early at Grindavik so that we could sort out the campervan. Tim had hired a minibus and we needed to return the campervan, get taken to the airport and pick up the minibus. There was a little problem when we returned the campervan which resulted in us having to pay an extra £600. Be warned – if you damage the vans, even if it’s not your fault, you’ll end up paying a lot. Prices are three times UK prices and they want every last bit of expense covered. Having returned the van we picked up the minibus and jumped in and headed off to the Blue Lagoon to meet Dad and Sue.

It was great all being in the pool together. We were buying rounds of drinks but they were crushed ice drinks because the sun was out and the water was hot. Apparently we had very good weather for the time of year. We tried the face masks on, went in the steam rooms and saunas and wandered about in the mist.


After the Blue Lagoon we went for a drive round the end of the Reykjanes Peninsula. We stopped at Gardskagaviti and saw the lighthouse and watched a seal in the sea. We went to the Bridge Between Continents and while there read about Iceland’s biggest mud pot – but had no idea where it was. On our travels we passed a sign for it and head off down the gravel road to see it. Gunnuhver was awesome. It was like some sort of massive engine buried in the ground spewing out steam. All around were smaller vents and flashes of colour from minerals.


We headed off towards Grindavik where the boys had yet another massive cup of ice cream mixed with sweets and I almost bought James some tobacco that I’d thought was pretend tobacco that we had when I were a lad. The condoms next to them should have given me a hint. Then it was back to the airport to sleep in the minibus and get our flights home.


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