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Iceland – day eight


I think that we went for a swim in yet another outdoor pool, Laugardalslaug, in the morning. It was right next to the campsite so an hours swim was easy. Then we went off to see the highlights of the Golden Circle tour. After packing up the tent the first stop was Thingvellir. This is where the American tectonic plate meets the European tectonic plate and they’re still moving apart. You can walk down between them and admire the cliffs, but there’s also a huge lake and rivers and streams that look very beautiful.


Next stop was Geysir. Strokkur is the geyser that still erupts and, while Geysir needs seismic activity to get going. Strokkur erupts every five or so minutes. It’s an amazing thing to watch, so difficult to convince yourself it isn’t living. The water shoots up to 10 metres or so and as the drops cool and fall a huge cloud of vapour drifts off.


Mighty Gullfoss was the turn around point. From the car park above the waterfall you can see the ice cap and a gravel road disappearing off towards it. As we watched a huge truck with massive tyres appeared. It looked like they’d just come back from a month away. In reality they’d probably hired the truck and been off for an hour beyond the tourist trail.
Gullfoss is the biggest waterfall in Europe.


When we got back we went to Actu Tactu. It’s a fast food place and last time I went they didn’t seem to have heard of health. This time it was a bit healthier, which was a shame. But I think we all still enjoyed it. The lads all tucked into massive ice creams with mixed in sweets, again.

We’d decided to drive to another campsite as the one in Reykjavik had room for improvement. We went to Grindavik as it looked like it would be quiet. It was a nice campsite and quite busy. We noticed other people who had had the same idea as us. Then it started…aurora! We were in quite a well lit area but we could see it clearly and it was amazing. You really have to see it, words or images just don’t do it justice. It was our last night camping and made for a great ending to a fantastic day.



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