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Iceland – day seven

It was another quite early start as we needed to be on the road to get to Reykjavik to meet Dad and Sue and to have a short look at the capital. The first interesting thing we came to was the  Hvalfjordur Tunnel – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hvalfj%C3%B6r%C3%B0ur_Tunnel . It goes down and down and down, and then up and up and up, and there’s no flat bit at the bottom. We got to Reykjavik and went to the campsite. While it has some plus points, especially for us, I can’t say I rated it at all. If we’d have just had a tent it might have been better, but on the camper van front it seemed expensive and over loaded.


So it was quite a quick walk through the city: we started in the old town and by the lake, then up the main street, stopped at a bookshop, went up to the cathedral and as we’d driven past the opera house that was about it. We had a quick spin round the harbour too. We gave a miss to most of the “museums” as they’re interesting but don’t really mark Reykjavik out as a city, it’s the tin and wood houses in the middle of the streets that are distinctive.


Then it was back to the campsite for hammer time! Jacob had arranged to take part in an open throws event, or kastmet as they called it. Luckily the throwing area was right next to the campsite. So we arrived and then gradually so did everyone else. And there was some serious throwing. I lost track of who had been to what Olympics for what event but it was serious stuff and Jacob enjoyed it immensely. After the throwing we walked down to the hotel and met grumpy ass and his long suffering companion and then went off for noodles at a very nice and reasonably priced place called Wok On.



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