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Iceland – day six

I was up early and went for a walk around the woods at the back of the campsite: http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=11320671 . When I returned the others were stirring and we had breakfast, put the tent away and went for a swim. Hvammstangi isn’t very big but it still has it’s own outdoor heated pool. There was only the six of us and two Danish ladies in the pool. They told us that there had been whales in the fjord the day before and they might still be there. After the swim Tim, Sandra and I waited outside the pool for the lads and while we waited the Danish ladies pointed out the whales. We’d never have seen them without their help, we could see the plumes of water they blew up and then with binoculars we could see the whales tails.


After watching the whales from by the pool we went down to the harbour and continued watching them. There seemed to be a few different groups and they would spurt water up into the air then we’d see the tails come up and they appeared to be diving down and there wasn’t any trace of them, and then they’d eventually resurface.


We didn’t have a lot planned for the day, we’d decided to miss out part of the planned trip because we thought the roads might be much slower than we anticipated, so we dawdled along, had a nice lunch, and took some pictures of the ice caps. Then we arrived in Akranes where we spent the night. The campsite overlooked the sea and the sunset was fantastic. It seemed to last for hours and Jacob had two different sessions taking photos because the colours had changed so much.




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