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Iceland – day five

At the campsite in Akureyri they wanted 300 ISK for a shower and there was only one shower and six of us. Instead of showering we decided to go to the public baths, which only cost about 600 ISK each and we could all go in at the same time. The pools in Iceland seem to be largely outdoors. And they’re heated. It was lovely. However, the changing rooms operate in a different way to the UK and you have to think things through carefully. In Iceland you put your clothes in a locker, take your towel and trunks, shower naked, and then put your kit on and go to the pool. When you come out it’s the reverse – when you get to your clothes you should be dry already. This is a bit strange because in Iceland there seems to be a lot of being naked chatting to other man in the changing rooms while you dry off. You soon get used to that. The main problem is making sure you have the right clothes at the right time. We all kept stopping before we went on to the next stage to check we’d got our towel to take with us and not left it in the locker. An attendant swoops down straight away if they see a wet body heading back into the locker area.

After we’d had fun in the pool we did a bit of shopping and then headed off to our next port of call Hvammstangi.


This wasn’t a long drive but we got back on route 1 then headed west and then turned north off route 1 a little way to get to Hvammstangi. The village is right next to a fjord and the campsite is higher up just above the village. We got there fairly early and it being a nice day, had a barbecue. We spent the evening wondering if we’d see the aurora but it eluded us.


The sun was shining, we’d had a relaxing day, the village was quiet and beautiful. We were on holiday.


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