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Iceland – day four

I was up early I and went for a wonder around our campsite. It was quite strange as it looked out over the lake, Myvatn, and also a huge amount of cooled lava that had broken up and had gaping holes. It looked like a really badly tarmac job. Sandra and I went for a walk, walking over the rock and looking into the holes and hollows that had been left.

After getting back on route 1 the first stop was a bit of a detour to some pseudo-craters. These look like volcanic craters but apparently are cause by hot lava creating huge amounts of steam. I didn’t really see a good explanation of the mechanism. Maybe there isn’t one yet.


Godafoss was the next stop and wasn’t far away. Lots of folk seemed to have their wedding pictures taken here.


Next stop was Akureyri. We went exploring in the town and had fish and chips. The chips left a lot to be desired, but the fish was fantastic, possibly the best Cod I’ve ever tasted. The boys then went off “exploring”. But we found them about 3 minutes later in an ice cream bar where they were overdosing on sugar. In Iceland you can buy a huge drinks carton full of whippy ice cream. But because there might not be enough calories in half a litre of whippy ice cream they mix in sweets of all sorts, sauces and chocolate.

On the way back to the campsite there was music playing as part of the festival. We stayed and watched for a while as it was quite good, even if we didn’t know the words. We’d also seen part of a concert and some blacksmithing in the street, it was all very lively. As it was being broadcast live on Icelandic TV we ended up being on that too as they got us in shot as they showed the stage as we were at the back of the crowd!


(That’s not our picture, I nicked it from a website, but it looks like when we were there). I slept in the tent that tent. Rule of 5.



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