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Iceland – day three

My brother Tim had done almost all the driving and day three was his biggest drive of the lot, I think we travelled for 11 hours in total. The idea was to get closer to Akureyri for the festival they were having. Jacob had found out about it when he planned the itinerary. So we left Hofn after doing some shopping and admiring the views, and stopped at Egilsstadir where we’d been advised to fill up on fuel. That’s because there wasn’t much after Egilsstadir for quite a long way.


We stopped to take in this view because there was a distinct lack of anything. The road disappears between the mountains and there’s nothing else. No houses. No trees. It was quite daunting. It wasn’t helped by the fact that in places route 1 had stopped being tarmac and had been gravel. It wasn’t for that long a stretch and it wasn’t too bad – but it did make you wonder what was ahead. Tim carried on driving, we needed to get to Dettifoss before dark.


James and I didn’t mind all the driving and being trapped in the camper van for hour after hour with almost nothing to look at out of the window. One of the reasons it didn’t bother us was because Ben was so talkative and entertaining. Keeping our spirits up with his friendly attitude.


Eventually we got to the turn for Dettifoss and turned off route 1. It was gravel. And bumpy. Really bumpy. Everything in the camper van was rattling. After half an hour we still had miles to go and had to stop. Then Tim tried driving faster, which worked really well. At speed we didn’t seem to drop into very bump, but it was tricky driving. We managed to get to Dettifoss just before dark.


After Dettifoss is was back down the bumpy road, but much faster. Then back onto route 1 and heading for Myvatn. It was dark by now and we think we drove past some thermal springs without seeing anything much but the vapour and picking up the sulphur smell. Eventually we arrived at Hlid Ferdathjonusta Ehf where we camped the night. It was a long day and Dettifoss was spectacular, even in the dark, but it was the other views that were amazing. Looking out to see from Hofn and the desolation later on, not to mention the sea and mountains, and it was all starting to feel more adventurous.


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