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Iceland – day two


After a night of no sleep me and the people who had slept started the day. The “rule of 5” was evident throughout the trip. No cake for Gary, just the other 5; no sleep for Gary, just the other 5; no bed for Gary, just the other 5; no camper van for Gary, just the other 5.  I’m not bitter.

Breakfast was followed by a visit to the waterfall. We didn’t have to walk far as we’d been camped next to it. Skogafoss is pretty big. You can walk right up to the bottom of it and you can also climb steps at the side of it to get to a viewing platform at the top. The waterfalls in Iceland are a lot like the ones here in Wales in Waterfall Country (http://www.breconbeacons.org/waterfall-country-walking-trails) – but the Icelandic ones are about 3 times the size.


Jacob and Sandra spent ages taking pictures while the rest of us wandered about. Eventually is was back in the bus and off to the next stop which was going to be a trek originally but ended up being just a visit to a visitor centre because we were short of time. We had lunch at Skaftafell (http://www.vatnajokulsthjodgardur.is/english/operation/visitor-centre/skaftafellsstofa/) and then went on to the Ice Lagoon. Jacob had booked us on a trip on a zodiac inflatable boat to see icebergs and the glacier.


So the Ice Lagoon is next to the sea. It’s a big lake with an opening that goes into the ocean and you can drive across a bridge at that opening. The lake is glacier meltwater and the lagoon contains lots of icebergs that have broken off from the glacier. After putting on drysuits we jumped in the boats and were taken round lots of icebergs, saw seals basking on them, and then went right up the glacier. It was one of the many highlights of the trip and unforgettable. The pictures can’t really do it justice.


The picture above shows the end of the glacier and a seal bottom right.

Before and after the boat trip we spent ages watching the icebergs ramming into each other on the sandbar that protects the bridge. Chunks of ice would suddenly accelerate then crash into each other and as they did so you could see all the rest of the ice that was hidden under the water.

We spent the night at a place called Hofn which was very nice. I decided to try sleeping on the floor of the camper van because the bed had been too small. It wasn’t so great.




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