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Iceland – day one


We flew from Bristol Airport with WOW Airlines on Wednesday 24th August as it seemed to be the best deal and as it turned out the flights and luggage were all fine. Luckily we met Tim and Ben in the airport car park, arriving at the same time. Onto the plane, we left on time and it was next stop Iceland. At Keflavik we had to wait for the person from the hire company to turn up but it wasn’t a long wait and was a quicker drive to get the camper van than expected.

Picking up the camper van was a slow process. First we had to watch a video, mostly irrelevant. Then we had to check the van over from head to foot and note any problems – we also took pictures. Then there was also all the paperwork. This took about 3 hours, so don’t envisage a handing over of keys in the airport car park.

After leaving the depot we headed for the supermarket. That was a real shocker. I think we had 3 or 4 carrier bags of food. Nothing particularly luxurious, it would be £30 to £40 in the UK. In Iceland it came to more like £120. So when everyone but me had had a nice cake from the bakery we set off. The first road was good. Then we turned off. Now on the map we were given this was just shown as a road. In fact it was just a gravel track. Long and bumpy with lots of loose gravel. We had to slow right down and it took ages. There is a much better map that we found later that shows exactly the type of road – it’s a cycling map and is free and available in lots of places.


We stopped for a break from the gravel road and Ben decided to investigate some rocks. Then we got back on route 1 and off we went to our first itinerary item Seljalandsfoss – a waterfall.

The waterfall is right next to the road so we parked up and went exploring. This is a waterfall that you can walk round the back of, so we all did. It was nearing sunset as we arrived so there were many people with cameras rushing around trying to get in position for the best picture with the falls and the sun going down.


You can just make out the little dots on the path in the background. When we’d got damp enough we headed back to the camper van then on to Skogafoss, another waterfall. By the time we arrived it was dark, but there was a campsite there so we decided to stay the night and see the waterfall in the morning. The van had six berths, if you had small children perhaps. Sandra and I ended up sharing the smallest double. I don’t think I got much sleep. It was a great start to the holiday and the scenery was amazing. Volcanic rocks everywhere and you had to rethink everything – it looks like sedimentary layers but you know it’s layers of lava. Quite breathtaking!


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