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Corn Du

Sandra and I decided to head up into the mountains to catch what might be the last of the short-lived snow today. The main attraction for me was getting a chance to get my crampons on again, we’ve been up these peaks many times so getting to the top isn’t that novel. We set off around 1000 and went over the footbridge by the stream and got about halfway up before we needed to put the crampons on. Sandra made do with grippers which lasted the trip but were then binned.


The wind at the saddle was blowing a gale as usual, but the rocks up to the summit of Corn Du (873m) provide some shelter before you come out on the top. Although it had been foggy at home and in places on the way, the views from the top were nice and clear.


We turned round and went back instead of carrying on to Pen Y Fan. Then we have a good excuse to go back if there’s a bit more snow! The forecast for tomorrow though is rain and increased temperatures so it’s not looking like happening soon. It was below freezing all the time we were out.


The verges around the Storey Arms have been ripped up by all the people who came sledging on the weekend. Hopefully the hard ground won’t have suffered too much alongside the paths up to the top where a lot of people with no crampons or grippers were walking today. It’s very difficult to see how they can keep this area unspoilt when it’s so popular.


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