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Back to the mill

It seemed the time was right to go back and visit the old mill (https://garywilliamsblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/the-old-mill/) that sits in the Clettwr valley up behind the village. I think when we went last it was summer, so crossing the river wasn’t difficult. Going in the winter after the rain was expected to be a trickier affair, but wasn’t too bad as it happened…except for one person.


James, Jacob and I all come out with our wellies on. We mention crossing the river and the need for wellies. We’ve all done the walk before. It’s a bit off the beaten track but crossing the river is easy enough if you’ve got your wellies. See how many times wellies got mentioned there? So the boys and I are in the river with our sticks, prodding away, trying to find a route to ford the river that won’t result in the water coming over the tops of our wellies. This we do and call Sandra to come down. Then we notice…guess who isn’t wearing wellies? Luckily for her there was a handy tree that had foreseen this event and sacrificed itself to keep her feet dry.


James has a little sheath knife that I brought back from Trondheim and he and Jacob (past master of river crossing – https://garywilliamsblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/further-up-the-clettwr/) seemed engrossed in chopping down branches and hacking them into smaller bits with said knife. Considering how much he moans about going for a walk you’d not think he’d enjoy it at all.


James was looking for ice to smash to bits or things to chuck in the river. When we got to the second place we needed to cross he and Sandra (as there was no handy tree) decided to explore a new route. In the process they found another waterfall we need to go back and have a look at.


In the end only Jacob and I got to the mill. We waited for a good while before deciding James and Sandra needed rescuing and set off in search of them. We found them on the road and they didn’t fancy the trek down to the mill to see the river spilling over the rocks.




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