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Dan yr Ogof

Before Xmas Day we visited the caves at Dan yr Ogof. I think the boys have been there three or four times before and Sandra has been a few times. I’d never been. Which they somehow found hard to believe and even harder to remember. Conversations were peppered with references to previous visits which had not included me. Anyhow, for a tenner (each), we got to see two of the three caves, see all the dinosaurs and have a drink and a mince pie. Which I thought was pretty good. Parents of small children within driving distance: visiting Santa in his grotto in an underground cave is a must do. Seriously, even I was beginning to believe.


It was raining quite a lot when we arrived so we didn’t really make the most of the visit. The dinosaurs only got a cursory glance and we didn’t bother at all with the Shire horse centre.


It was an easy walk and not at all claustrophobic. At the end of one cave, which was illuminated all the way along with Xmas themed lights, was Santa. James was too old for this but he could have gone in and had a present etc. Then the other cave had a big chamber at the end and two waterfalls that you had to walk in between. I prefer being on the outside of hills but I did enjoy our visit here.


There was plenty of geology on display and all the usual stalagmites, stalactites, pillars and straws. The boys had hot chocolate and we had the flattest mince pies ever from the cafe and took them back to the car to eat in the dry, the cafe being full. Now to take an MX-10 inside and get some readings…




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