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The appearance of waterfalls


As there was a break in the rain today, even a bit of sunshine, we donned our Wellington’s and headed off for a bit of a walk along local paths that we’d not explored before. (Jacob stayed behind to revise). The fields are sodden. I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen the land this wet before and we’ve lived here for well over 16 years.


There was a little bit of ice on these puddles which James enjoyed smashing up. There was plenty of mud about too and new streams and puddles seemed to be all over the place. We took a flask of coffee and some snacks and had a stop on the way.


In this picture Sandra is concentrating in the hope of being able to focus enough to break into a smile, James has given up all together. From the side of the valley we were on we could see a waterfall, that we’d never noticed before, on the other side.


So after lunch James, Jacob and I jumped on our bikes and rode across the bridge and down to this new waterall. There’s always been a stream bed there but often there’s nothing coming down it. After a bit of a climb over dead ferns we came upon this lovely waterfall that must be 10 metres high. The stream was really flowing and the waterfall was quite loud with a really interesting bit of rock at the bottom, well worth further investigation. But it does seem that with all this rain we have waterfalls appearing all over the place.




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