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Nerf Wars

James has really taken to Nerf guns. These fire a foam, fairly harmless, plug. I think they call them darts but they have no tip or fins so they aren’t really a dart. I think there are videos online of semi-adult type humans having battles in their houses which he finds amusing.


I came upstairs one day to find James, Ben and Jacob with ninja like head coverings and sunglasses on and their bedroom doorways barracaded while they shot at each other. We’ve also had some Nerf wars over the holidays when Tim and I ended up with no gun while Ben, James and Jacob had all of them. We managed to find a single shot pistol in James bedroom and then Tim managed to wrestle a gun off one of them. We then proceded to clean up, ending up with most of the guns and the darts. (They might have a different, erroneous, version of events).


On Saturday Peter, James mate, came round to play and they decided to have a Nerf war. For some reason I didn’t get asked; Sandra did instead. Which was fine by me. So when I looked out of the window she was running up and down the drive with sunglasses on looking like Cagney and Lacey.


James had done his usual trick and presented Sandra with a single shot pistol, one of the ones we’d bought for half price when he went down to see his cousin Connor. They’d also had a Nerf war at their Nan’s. Now you have to arm the pistol by pulling down a lever with one hand while you hold the pistol with the other. James and Peter had:

  • A machine gun type affair with a magazine that fires one dart after another. It’s a big magazine too.
  • A gun that fires two darts at a time and holds 8.
  • Two rapid fire revolving barrel guns that hold at least 6 darts each
  • Various single shot pistols.

So Sandra queried the distribution of weapons and was rewarded with…another single shot pistol. That you really need two hands to fire. He’s so generous….




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