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Wales vs Tonga


When Wales play some teams at rugby the price of tickets is quite reasonable. We got a family ticket for £60 for the Wales vs Tonga match, although there was a booking fee of £7 which was a total rip off considering you get the tickets by e-mail and print them out yourself. The seats were ground level and up one end of the Millenium Stadium. The roof was closed so it was quite warm. Bit of a shame really because while it was 5 degrees C in Cardiff, up in the mountains where we live it was minus 3 degrees C. Hence we were wrapped up ready for arctic conditions when it was actually quite mild. We also brought all our food and drink with us. I’d got 4 thermos flasks, soup, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Sandra had also done sandwiches, bought pork pies, crisps, pasties, sausage rolls and flapjacks. So we didn’t go hungry and didn’t end up paying out a fiver for a “foot long hot dog”.

There was plenty of action near where we were during the first half of the match but not much during the second half. But no-one scored in the second half anyway so we didn’t miss much anyway. The boys looked at their programmes, filled their faces, and watched the game.

Right in front of us was a big screen TV so even when the action was miles away we could still see what was going on. The away strip Wales were wearing wasn’t too popular. I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t see Leigh Halfpenny when he was waiting to start his run up for a conversion as the grey strip made him merge into the crowd.

With a final score of 17-7 to Wales the crowd were happy and the atmosphere buzzing. Rugby matches are way better to take children to than football matches. We didn’t hear any bad language all night. When we got back to the car we still had a long drive home but it was a great way to spend a Friday night.



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