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One of the many good things about the lads is that they cook. They seem to have developed quite an experimental view of cooking and that’s a good thing. They aren’t afraid to just try things out or to substitute items in a recipe. Some times it goes wrong, but mostly it’s edible, and you learn more from mistakes.

So the latest success that James and Jacob have put together was a home made pizza. They found a recipe for the base and then mixed up the ingredients and left the dough to rise. Then they flattened it and did their favourite bit – putting on the topping. We had some sausages to use so they got sliced up and put on one.

The other was more of a ham and pineapple affair. The sausage one was really nice. But the ham and pineapple one….was unbelievably good. I think it’s the tastiest pizza I’ve ever had and that beats ones in Italy.

It might look a bit of a pile up of toppings but it really was the most amazing taste. I can’t wait until they make another.
On Sundays we often put the slow cooker on and do a casserole so it’s ready when we come back from rugby. It does get a bit samey.

So to make it a bit different I made giant Yorkshire Puddings to go with the stew. I stuck some pyrex lids in the cooker with oil in. Got them piping hot then poured the batter in. It was a bit touch and go as the expanding puddings were displacing the oil, but they rose and rose.

We all had one with the stew poured in the centre. They were pretty nice but having only had small puddings lately I hadn’t really remembered the sort of eggy custard texture that you get with the big ones. It reminded me of when I was a kid….and I’m not sure I really like Yorkshire Puddings after all….


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