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Sgwd yr Eira

After Jacob had played rugby for Brecon against Merthyr, we went to the Waterfall Centre. We were a bit later than expected so our original plan to go back the the waterfalls was scrapped. Instead we headed for the centre to see what it was like. It was very interesting and we’d like to go back as we only had half an hour to look round before it shut at 1500.

Having looked at the maps at the centre we decided to go back up the road and park at a spot that seemed a bit closer to Sgwd yr Eira so that Jacob and I could walk behind the water. Having parked up we got kitted out with wellies and waterproofs and headed off on what was a very muddy walk in places.

Last time it was hard to see James behind the curtain so this time we took reflective waist coats. Sandra stayed behind to take photos and we approached the falls from the opposite side of the river to last week.

The river was flowing quite quickly and it seemed as if the water was projecting further than it had earlier in the week. That meant that there was more room behind the curtain and it seemed much easier to get behind, we just walked down and didn’t need to do much scrambling at all.

We walked through and out the other side and then turned round and came back. It was great fun. There was a lot of spray but the three of us had all the space behind the curtain to ourselves as it was getting late and no-one else was about.

Then Jacob went back and got the camera so that we could take some pictures while behind the falls. The spray made it difficult but there was enough room for one of us to stand against the rock wall and the other two to have their backs to the curtain and still take a photo.

We walked back and just about needed our head torches when we got to the car. Cracking walk! Can’t wait to do some more waterfall walks.


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