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Waterfall Country

On Tuesday James, Sandra and I went waterfall hunting. We parked up in the woods just outside of Ystradfellte and started along the Four Falls Trail. Unfortunately we missed two of the four falls but that didn’t really matter as it’s a good excuse to go back with Jacob.

The first waterfall was Sgwd Clun-gwyn, the ‘fall of the white meadow’. We stood high above looking down on this fall. It was a bit scary as the edge is just open with no rail, but you got a good view without going to near. Some other time we’ll get round the other side and see it from there. It was raining on and off so we stopped for lunch after this because we found a dry spot and it had stopped raining.

Next we came across the turn to Sgwd yr Eira, the ‘falls of snow’. So we went down and down the steps until we reached the falls and this impressive looking sheet of water.

These falls are famous for being the ones you can walk behind. I generously offered to stay behind and take pictures. I’d managed to leave my waterproof trousers in the car.

Sandra and James set off scrambling around the rocks and then disappeared behind the falls. Once they were behind you could just about make out James’ red coat behind the thinner streams of water.

You can just about make out a bit of red. Sandra said he loved it and was shouting his head off all the time they were behind the curtain. Including arms outstretched and “I’m the King of the World”. He’s got his films wrong I think.

They emerged from the other side looking a bit wet. I was wondering what the plan was for them to get back but they eventually decided to make the return journey.

Later James rated the waterfall at 9.9 out of 10. That might even be higher than Star Wars Lego, so well worth a return visit. It might be nicer to go in the summer but I don’t think it would be as exciting, the water was pouring over the falls due to the rain we’d had recently.

When we go back we’ll make sure we wear hi-viz jackets so we stand out more. They got back not too wet. It was mostly from surface spray but we headed back to the car and dry clothes. Not quite Gulfoss but well worth a visit.




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