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Death Race 2013

Jacob was lucky enough to get a Young Driver lesson off Uncle Tim, Aunty Julie and Ben for his birthday. This is a one hour car driving lesson on a car park for kids from 11 years old up to legal car driving age. It’s on a car park which is closed to the public so it’s all very safe.

We had to drive down to Cardiff where the lessons were taking place on top of the St David’s shopping centre on the 8th floor! This is a fairly new building and there was still building work going on around it. Including two cranes that were swaying and rotating in the high winds and rain that the weather brought on the day.

Jacob was a bit nervous when he started. He seemed surprised that he was nervous; I’ve no idea why. It’s probably only just dawned on him how nerve wracking driving can be…or being a passenger at times.

There were eight cars all together and they were all being driven round the car park at the same time. They did starting and stopping, emergency stops and reversing. He went past loads of times and seemed to be going quite quickly along the straights.

He rarely looked up at us as we tried to distract him and make him crash. He didn’t even wave when he went by like some of the other kids. The instructor mis-timed the lesson giving him an extra 15 minutes.

The chap sounded like he was from the Black Country and seemed easy going, ideal for Jacob I thought. We wondered why Jacob was taking so long as all the other kids had finished. When the instructor came past me he had a big smile on his face and muttered something about “Oive got me times wrung”.

You can see how wet it was but despite being so high I don’t think the wind caused much of a problem as it had a fence round it. that offered some shelter. Sounds like Jacob wants to go again!




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