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The Blue Lagoon

So on Monday, which seems ages ago now, I had a more relaxing day, getting up later and having a leisurely breakfast before heading off the the Blue Lagoon. The bus picked me up from the hotel and I was able to get some work done via the onboard wifi, which has been impressive so far.

On arrival you walk through a path in the lava fields to get to the main entrance. Once you’ve paid the £25 (or much more if you want more than the basic package) you go in and strip off. You have a band with an electronic tag which allows you to buy things and go in and out). In Scandinavian style, you take your shoes off before you go into the changing room. Then you put your clothes in a locker using the tag. Then you have a shower. Then you put your swim suit on. Finally, when everything is clean, then you have a bath. What’s the point of that!?

In the pool the water is white and full of silica. It varies from warm to really quite hot in places. I had a wonder round through the vapour, and then had a steam bath and sauna. That was followed by a slush drink. Turns out I didn’t need my goggles after all and they didn’t have any lanes open for lengths.

Then it was back on the bus and return to Reykjavik where I had a wonder round the shops and harbour.



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