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The Golden Circle Classic

At 0800 the coach arrived, I got on, sorted my wifi, showed Inga my ticket and we were off.  Me and two coach loads of other folk. First stop was the lake. Thingvallavaten is Icelands biggest lake and is very nice. But we have nice scenery in Wales, so I’m not easily impressed. But from there we walked down between the two plate boundaries where there’s a massive channel that grows and grows as the plates part. You just walk down the middle, it was amazing. Not only that but the Althingi was here, the Icelandic parliament.

Back on the coach and we headed for Gullfoss. A big waterfall. Not as big as Niagra but still really something to see. The bottom bit falls into a box valley type thing, the sound is fantastic, I shall be running out of superlatives shortly.

Next we went to Geysir and saw Strokur shoot steam and hot water into the air. Steam was spewing from the ground and there were springs with boiling water bubbling out. It was like watching something being born. Probably my favourite part of the tour.

On the way back we stopped off at a church at Skalholt which used to be Icelands capital and then at Hellisheithi Geothermal Power Station. Oh and I saw a glacier, even if it was a long way off. Best days sightseeing ever so far!

And topped off with the best fast food I’ve ever had at Aktu Taktu – http://www.aktutaktu.is/


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