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Mountainboarding for beginners


James wanted a mountainboard for his birthday so that’s what he was lucky enough to get. He also got a load of safety gear which he probably wanted less but Sandra wanted more. He wanted one with a brake, which seemed like a good idea. Having ordered it there was of course a delay. So it arrived on his birthday rather than the day before. The neat thing was we could track the courier, Kevin, in his van, so we knew exactly when he was delivering. Poor old Kevin, I’m sure he must have been speeding between Sennibridge and Talgarth.

It was ready to go from the box. We just needed to squeeze the pads onto him and get his helmet and gloves on. I put some cones out so he’d stop before rolling on to the A470. He started off pretty steady and did pretty well for his first time. We were outside for quite a while. The board seemed impressive too – an MBS Colt 80X. There’s a video here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151715564074385&set=vb.563294384&type=2&theater.

He did a bit of swerving in and out of the cones and didn’t take long before he could do them all without falling off. Now we need to find somewhere off road where he can have a go. He wanted this helmet with a red devil on it.



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