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Llys y Fran

On the way back from Little Haven, a week ago last Tuesday, we saw a sign for Llys y Fran country park. Now we’d seen the signs a few times and it was sort of sticking in my mind for some reason. So as we headed home we saw the signs again and I suggested a bit of a detour to the park and we could have some lunch when we got there.

As soon as we got there I knew we’d been there before. In fact I was looking at the map pretty certain we’d cycled round it. I could remember us all cycling round a lake, and it must have been a few years ago. It wasn’t a small lake either and it was centrally located, so looking at the map I couldn’t see any other places it could have been.

Image(713) Image(712) Image(710)

We ate our lunch and walked round and tried to remember the previous visit. When I got home I looked for some pictures. I was pretty certain I’d stumbled on them at some point but couldn’t remember where.

Image(707) Image(711)

After a bit of a search I found a few on the hard drive. No pictures of Ben, Jacob or Tim as I seem to remember they just bombed off and abandoned the rest of us. James was on the tag-a-long and must have been about 4! Nanny Dot (that bike is meant for a small child, the bloke in the hire shop took the stabilisers off specially) and Aunty Julie were off-roading too. Sandra was on her bike…hadn’t realised she’d had it that long. James had a habit of putting his feet up on the cross beam and no peddling…..



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