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James had said that he wanted to go back to Heatherton  (http://www.heatherton.co.uk/) so on Bank Holiday Monday we got up and set off for it. I was a bit apprehensive but was presently surprised. Firstly, when we came to pay the lady on the till told us to pay less than we’d intended because she reckoned the cheaper option would enable us to do enough. She was right. Secondly, there wasn’t anything being forced on you. take your own food, use the picnic benches, entry is free, just pay for what you want to do. Thirdly, the activities almost all involve actually being active and doing things rather than sitting on rides, which suited Jacob and James. The first thing we went on was the bumper boats. Then we had a go on a giant car racing game (http://www.heatherton.co.uk/Family-Fun/Pembrokeshire-Raceway.aspx) and then they had a go at a softball batting cage thing hitting balls from a machine.

Next came MasterBlaster. This is just a wooden fort in a field with a load of big water pistols and barrels of water. We got there as it opened and started soaking each other. Sandra was first out as she was soaking. More kids then started to pile in and by now I was so wet it was running off my clothes, time to dry out I thought. Jacob was coaxed out next but James didn’t want to stop. It was lots of fun and very simple. After lunch we went and played adventure golf.

This went well as we shared putters and balls taking it in turns and playing as two teams, which speeded things up. Until Sandra hit one of the balls into the water. We could see it but it was too far away to reach. Sandra went round and pulled another ball out so she wouldn’t have to suffer the shame of returning with less kit than she was issued with.

Then we went down to WaterWars where James and Jacob fired water bombs at each other from opposite ends of an inflatable using big catapults. It was very entertaining watching different folk having a play.

We also had a go at laser clay pigeon shooting, more bumper boats and finished off shooting with a .177 air pistol at a target. (I think I was the best shot out of all 15 of us in the range…although only about 3 were adults). All in all it was a good day.

We headed into Tenby hoping to get an ice cream but where we intended to go was closed, so we had a pizza instead. Then we headed to the beach for a last minute spot of fishing as the tide was in. Jacob and I had a few casts, I was using a spinner with a ledger to get some distance. I’d just decided that Sandra and James had been patient enough and that the next few casts would be the last when bingo! I had a fish on the end.

Now usually the fish go back; but this was the sea, and I’d planned to eat what I caught. I’ve even bought a cage for cooking a fish over the fire. But then James decided he didn’t like the idea of a fish being killed and wanted it put back. Sandra was standing beside him looking all vegan which didn’t help. Now it was pretty dark by now, I had no torch, and no idea what sort of fish are in the sea so I didn’t know if this was a Weaver Fish waiting to jab me or a Whiting (which I think it was having looked it up on t’internet) and harmless. I was expecting to just leave the fish on the line and take it back in the car to the camp site and the fire. Returning the catch had not been part of the plan. So, with much messing about, I managed to unhook the fish from the spinner and chucked it back in. Except it didn’t swim off but just came back on the first wave. Which happened again, and then again. Eventually James picked it up and threw it about 15 metres into the sea and off he went to a life of leisure.


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