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Saturday looked like it was going to be an okay day weather wise so the plan was to go to the beach. James was up early, and as it was obvious that either Sandra or I was not going to get a lie-in I took him off for a walk to Little Haven. When we got back we started off with a bacon butty for breakfast and then James did a bit of stunt kite flying. We only had room for one kite but he got the hang of it by the end of the trip.

Then we had a little drive and decided to go to Newgale beach. There were loads of people there but the beach is big and the waves attract the surfers. The camp site next to the beach was heaving, in contrast to where we stayed which never had more than a dozen people. The boys got there wetsuits on and I treated them to an upgrade on their body-boards.

I had a go myself but the new boards didn’t seem to make much difference to my performance. The boys had three or four stints in the waves before deciding to do something else. Jacob and I also went for a walk to have a look at the usual seaside shops, as you do.

James had started doing some digging so Jacob joined in. There was a stream running onto the beach and they dug a big hole and diverted the flow. At some point it may have been intended to be a castle but that idea got lost.

Having dug the huge hole they decided it was going to be a bath and lay down in it. Then it was time to up sticks and head back to the tent via the big supermarket (because on holidays you do different things and big supermarkets are different for us!). When we got back to the site the owner had left us some wood so we had a camp fire going and cooked our tea over it of sausage and beans.


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