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Little Haven

On Friday we loaded up the car, hitched up the trailer and headed off to camp in Little Haven. On route we stopped at the gold mines at Dolaucothi (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dolaucothi-gold-mines/). Donning our hard hats we set off for a tour of the Roman mines. After going underground we panned for gold. We collected quite a bit but it looks more like pyrites than gold so we’ll have to have a look under the microscope.

The underground bit wasn’t very deep but it was impressive. There was also a shop and canteen and lots left over from when the mine worked during the 1930s and the Victorian era. Jacob had been here with school before. James bought a little rubber dragon.

As we’ve got our own gold pans we now know what to look for. Inside the tunnel Jacob kept banging his head. We didn’t have to have lamps on the helmets as they put lights in the tunnel. I don’t think there was any gold left.

We got to Little Haven a bit later than planned and managed to put the tents up before it went dark. It all looked okay come the morning. Fish and chips for tea!





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