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Welsh Gold

Today James and I went panning for gold to a top secret location. The kit I ordered arrived with the postman in the afternoon (because that’s how it works now around here) so we got it out of the packaging and headed off ready to become rich!

There are two pans, a sieve, sample bottles, tweezers with magnifying glass, instruction book and sucker bottle in the kit. We should have taken a trowel but used our hands instead. On with the wellies and into the water, we panned with all the gold falling into the little grooves in the pan.

We found a lot of gold. Probably. When we got home with it all we got the microscope out and examined it, comparing it to pictures in a minerals book and to photos on-line. It’s almost probably definitely gold, see for yourself:


We wondered up and down the river and didn’t see much else apart from nuggets. There was a little dead fish. How it got up the river, if it did, was quite a puzzle. The flow through the gaps is very forceful.

James threw in plenty of stones, generally splashed around and reduced the chances of me seeing a fish to nil….little angel that he is.

Then we went down by the bridge and I slipped over, luckily the camera survived but I lost both hips and one knee, they’ll grow back though. Now to sell the barrow full of gold we collected to the highest bidder.


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