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Family fishing


My dad, James and I went fishing in Pant y llyn today. It wasn’t the sunniest of days but there were times when the sun flashed on the tops of the waves. We saw Herons and Kites but no Canada Geese this time. We started off in what we think is the best spot around the lake and used feeders with strawberry sweetcorn for bait.

James was trying with a float but we didn’t have any luck on floats or spinners. We did try a thing called a controller that’s a float you loop through an eye at the top and use with floating bait. It allowed us to cast past the weeds, which was good. Unfortunately some old git broke it…

I caught a couple of wild carp, both around 30 cm long, and a chub that was about the same size. The carp put up a bit of a fight but not a lot, the chub don’t do anything, most of the time you don’t know you’ve caught them until you reel in.

They all go straight back into the lake with the minimum of stress. James got a bit bored and started trying to net Minnows, with some success, it was very small and hard to focus on though.



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