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Last week I was at a conference in Prague and managed to see a few sites too. There are cobbled streets and old building in the centre and plenty of them. There’s also a few more modern building and while some are monstrous, others are quite interesting.

This communication tower is from the communist era apparently but to soften it up a little they put “babies” crawling up the outside, those little black blobs are them. The astronomical clock was probably my favourite thing, must find out a bit more about it.

The river didn’t look too bad and there were some chaps fishing in a little boat, but apparently you need a license to fish and it involves a written test, in Czech.

Up on the hill overlooking the old part of the city was the castle and an ex-monastery. You can see it from much of the city I think, certainly most of the bits I went to.

There was a big square where it seemed there was much drinking of beer and some busking. There were also tours available in horse pulled carriage or in vintage motor cars. The square was busy even very late at night.

The Charles Bridge has all these statues to do with religion on it. I took a walk over, it’s very busy and seems to have painters doing portraits on it when it isn’t raining. It was pouring when I was there so I only saw them packing away and running off.



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