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Llyn Brianne


The boys did a great job of packing the car and putting the bikes on the back this morning. Then quite late in the day we went off for an explore. The general direction was the reservoir Llyn Brianne with the hope that we’d fine somewhere for the boys to ride their bikes and we’d get a nice woodland walk in too.

After a bit of a drive we found the lake and a cracking spot that overlooked it. The boys got out their camping stoves and cooked themselves some lunch. James polished off a can of pasta and sausage in no time. Jacob had some hot soup to go with his sandwiches.

We drove down to the dam and parked up and got the bikes off the back of the car. It seemed we could walk across the dam and then there was a track that the boys could ride along. So off they went and Sandra and I walked along knowing we’d meet them when they’d had enough and came back. James did a great job cycling up the the inclines. When they came back Jacob went off to try some more challenging hills. It was a really good place for them to ride as there’s almost no chance of meeting a car and the scenery is beautiful.

After a bit of launching stones into the lake with our catapults we put the bikes back on the car. They’d had an hours cycling so it wasn’t bad. We headed back towards Llandovery and on the way came across the RSPB nature reserve at Gwenffrwd-Dinas (http://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves/guide/g/gwenffrwd-dinas/about.aspx).

It was brilliant. Long walkways took us over the marshy ground and then it followed a river along with great waterfalls and lots of scrambling. We climbed up to a cave and then went all the way round in a loop. Jacob had decided to run round and ended up doing it twice. I loved it. Then it was time to get back in the car and we went to Llandovery for fish and chips before we headed home.


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