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The boys were up reasonably early (for them in holiday time) and had breakfast and packed the car with everything we’d need for a day at the beach. They ended up waiting for Sandra and I more than anyone else. First stop was Bwlch Nant yr Arian (http://www.forestry.gov.uk/bwlchnantyrarian) where they had a go on the play park.

The slide was soaking as there’d just been a shower but James and Ben went down it anyway and ended up with wet shorts. There are cracking views down the valley from here and Kites flying overhead.

We travelled on to Aberystwyth and set up on the beach. The boys played cricket then got into their wetsuits and went body boarding. It wasn’t the best beach for it but they seemed to have plenty of fun.

I did lose a ball during my cricket innings. It shot off the beach, over the road and must have rolled across some flat roofs before bouncing down onto the quay side and disappearing…perhaps into someone’s boat.

Then we went to the pier and played on the slot machines, especially the 2p “tipping point” machines which James seems to be able to make a pound last an age with. We had a walk to the fishing tackle shop and then went and got some ice creams and pigged out. Back to the car and I though we might try a different route home.

We headed along a back road which had some nice forest either side of it. There were picnic benches so we had our tea, then headed down to a very picturesque river. Jacob said he saw some fish and we did see one jump out of the water. They then all decided to have a paddle.

Luckily we had spare clothing and towels in the car. They skimmed stones, splashed around and James even had a bit of a swim, Somehow they managed to avoid getting bitten to death.

The last leg home was a bit hit and miss, we had a minor detour as we missed a turning but saw some fantastic scenery and some relics of a bygone era when mining was clearly making a big impact on the environment.


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