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Llyn Onn and twenty-twenty cricket


Tuesday we decided to go for a walk around Llyn Onn and then down to Sophia Gardens to watch the cricket. We drove down to Garwnant visitor centre and parked up. It wasn’t that busy considering it was holiday time and a nice day. We followed a road along one side of the lake. It looked gorgeous.

There were people fishing and quite a lot of walkers. Off the road there was a bit of a path, hard going in places but very pleasant, apart from the areas where someone had left litter. We went down to the damn and walked across and then back up the other side on a better path, but it was near the main road in places.

There were streams and woods and lots of variation. It took us about two hours to get all the way round. When we got back the boys had a play on the park. Jacob only has a few months before he won’t be able to. We also had an ice cream….as you do.

Then it was back in the car and down to Sophia Gardens. We parked just off the A470 and walked across Bute Park and got there just in time. There were no seat bookings as such, you just found an empty space. We sat at the front, seemed a pretty good view to me, I couldn’t understand why no-one else had sat there.

It’s not like a rugby match where the positions of the players change constantly. Not that I know anything about cricket. It was Glamorgan v Gloucester. Apparently Glamorgan needed to win to get through to the next round of the competition.

The boys seemed quite interested and it only lasted about 3 hours. We’d taken a picnic so that occupied them for a bit. Then we discovered the shop. Two items on the sale racks for ¬£6 – three quid each! So they all had a few visits and came back with hats and shirts.

Glamorgan hadn’t scored enough runs and it became apparent quite early into the Gloucester innings that Glamorgan weren’t going to win. Which sort of spoilt the end as it just fizzled out. It was quite good being under the floodlights though and I’d definitely go again if I was down that way.


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