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Tim goes carp fishing


Saturday saw a visit to Pant y llyn for a bit of fishing with Tim. Having been there before I was under the impression I needed to upgrade my gear; my tackle just isn’t heavy duty enough for the fish in the lake. Tim is the carp specialist so it was going to be interesting to see what he pulled out.

Bit of a walk to get there but the weather was fine and we picked a couple of spots and set up. Tim was using a feeder and maggots. I stuck with my float but did use the feeder for a while. Tim started off with some chub, quite decent sized ones as well. But wild carp was really what it was all about, we didn’t have to wait long.

All in all Tim pulled out 4 chub and 3 carp. I got one chub. Quite a good size one but not a patch on the biggest carp that Tim pulled out that was over 50 cm long. They’re lovely looking fish. I did pull out a lot of fish…all about 3 inches long!

We did get a visit at lunchtime as Sandra, Mom and the boys bought us some sarnies. Jacob then borrowed my waders and went off exploring, with Ben and James joining in. We didn’t do so well on the fish front during that time.

The weather changed around five o’clock and the rain came. We kept going but when we had an hour with no catches we decided to pack up. When there’s no children splashing round it’s a beautiful spot, but at 1000ft up it isn’t the best place to be when the weather is bad.

Now I know what’s in there I shall get back to the tackle shop and start upgrading my gear. It’s a bit different than Brecon Canal. I seemed to be in an area with a lot of weed but eventually worked out how to get the feeder past it. Smashing day, even if I didn’t catch many fish.


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