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Gone fishing


I went fishing at Pant y llyn today. I’ve been waiting ages to fish there even though we’ve visited the lake quite a few times. The first time I tried to go it was frozen over. The big draw is the wild carp, supposedly a very old strain. The lake is also called The Sanctuary, which is very apt. When I arrived I could see the way the wind was blowing so set up with the wind behind me. Of course just as I’d got set up the wind changed. Then it kept changing. I ended up on the opposite side of the lake from where I started. I started moving round bit by bit, lugging my stuff, trying to find somewhere with fewer weeds. I hadn’t been in my final spot for long when I caught a beautiful chub.

It was 40cm long and I really wasn’t expecting to get it then or for it to be so big. The gear I took was pretty light weight, I need to have a rethink on that. I didn’t really catch anything else while I was there, but it was just so pleasant I didn’t really need to; it was just a fantastic day. I tried my split cane rod out and that was lovely to cast with. I mostly used my match rod though and bread as bait.

Sandra and the boys came up at dinner time and we had a picnic. This attracted the Canada Geese, which interfered with the fishing a bit, but they weren’t too bad and looked in good feather. I sent James off with the catapult and the bread to try and tempt them away.

There were kites flying around, and a heron as well. Plenty of other birds and loads of very tiny fish. There also seemed to be some very large fish. I had a couple of bites that when I grabbed the rod and took up the tension, I felt the fish on the line. Then it felt like it it pulled it’s head away and the line broke. Even my 6 lb line. There were some big swells in the water too, so I think I need to up my gear.

There was a lot of weed but I didn’t lose any gear because of it. There was even hot air balloons rising up from the Royal Welsh Show. I did catch some other fish but they were all so small that they don’t count, they didn’t really get hooked, they just gulped in the rubber maggot I was using and then couldn’t get it any further down or out.

Absolutely cracking day!





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