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Cefn Llwydallt


On Sunday James, Sandra and I went for a walk up on the hills behind the house. We started off going into the woods by the side of the Clettwr. Crossing the bridge we went up the other side of he valley and came out on the road to Crickadarn. Following this we turned right in the village and went half a mile before turning left along a farm road. We dropped off this across a ford and along a rough track into a field. Crossing the field we came out on another road that was steep and narrow. Keeping on walking we eventually arrived at a valley between two hills. We went left up Cefn Llwydallt and admired the views. It’s really quite high, around 1000ft. This is the profile of the walk.


You can see the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains, The Roundabout and pretty much everything else. The views were fantastic. It was a bit hazy so the pictures of the distant views weren’t so great.

Heading back down we crossed a few fields and ended back on another road that took us back to Crickadarn and we retraced our steps. This is the route:

Cefn Llwydallt

It was a roasting hot day but we had a good walk. It’s a nice place to live.




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