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Brecon athletics

James competed for Brecon A.C. on Saturday. Luckily it didn’t get too hot. There was plenty happening. His first event was long jump and we think he got a new PB in that. It’s not his best event but he turned up and got a point for the club.


Shot put came next and he wasn’t happy after this. He was expecting to win and didn’t think he did. His first put was good for a safety shot. Then his second and third throws weren’t as fas as he’d hoped partly because he wasn’t right up to the stop when he threw.


Finally we had the on going horror story that is javelin. Some time ago they used these awful javelins that the kids really struggle with. Then having practised with those we arrived at a competition at Brecon to find that the ones being used were different and apparently the previous ones were no good. So James did really well competing with a javelin he’d never thrown before. Then lo and behold we turn up yesterday and they’d got the rubbish ones out again – the ones that weren’t supposed to be the right ones!? Anyway, he tried his best and did reasonably well but they may as well not have bothered, there was no-way the kids could get PBs, Even the winning throw was 4m off James PB and his own throw was 6m off.



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