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Friday was the last day ever for Rhosgoch School. The Head had organised a trip for the children. He also pointed out that would mean there was never an actual last day AT the school, which signified the resistance to closure that the community had put up.
James boarded the bus at 0830 and off they went with spades and rucksacks. Sandra, Jacob and I had decided to go along too in the car but it was more of a “might meet you” sort of thing than definitely meeting up. We knew roughly where they were going and could work out roughly when they’d be there but we wanted to look at some other things as well so there was nothing definite planned.
So the three of us set off in the car and headed north. Our first stop was Llanidloes, I’d never really been into the centre before although I’ve been through and past loads of times. We had a cake and a cuppa and visited the bakery. It seemed a very nice place and surprisingly affluent considering what the south of Powys feels like.
Next stop was Llyn Clwedog, a huge reservoir where they have sailing and fishing, definitely worth a return visit not to mention the fantastic views. Then it was on to Tywyn for lunch where we hoped to meet the school. When we got there it was baking. We had our lunch and decided not to wait any longer for the school. It was too hot just to stand around midday and there wasn’t much else to do. There were surprisingly few people on the beach but it really was scorching. We also wondered if they’d change the trip itinerary and perhaps go elsewhere to avoid the little ones being in the sun. The juniors were going to King Arthur’s Labyrinth first but we decided to give that a miss as we spent longer than expected getting there. We headed back pretty much the way we came but decided to go on a short walk in Hafren Forest.

Deep in the forest was a car park with toilets and lovely meadow areas with picnic benches. The source of the Severn and Wye are not far away but we went on the shortest of walks as we had to meet James bus when it got back.

There was a walkway for wheelchairs and buggies and the path was tarmac all the way round. It was an easy walk and took us about half an hour but we stopped to look at the fish in the river and admire the views.

Jacob scrambled around on the rocks and we enjoyed the shade amongst the trees as we walked and chatted. Sandra picked up bark (because it’s so rare…and we don’t have any….don’t ask).

We drove back and met the bus at Erwood Craft Station. The children all piled off looking very happy. It sounded like they’d had a great time. James didn’t take any pictures as usual, but it sounded like they’d hit the beach not long after we left and didn’t spend long there.

It was quite a sad day really but everyone seemed to do a good job of containing it.


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