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Rhosgoch School forced to close by Powys County Council

“The Chair of Governors at Rhosgoch School has formally written to Powys County Council on 17 July 2013, as follows:-

“I understand that the parents of all of the current children at the School have indicated that they have made, or are in the process of making, arrangements to move their children to alternative schools. As a result, there will be no children in the school in September and you should consider this to be a managed closure of the School.

This managed closure of the School is so as to provide some certainty to pupils, parents and staff, and means that the pupils will leave the school in a dignified manner. Our small Community can take pride in what the school has offered to children in this area. The School’s closure will have a significant negative impact on the Community and I would urge the Council to look favourably on future applications for funding of Community projects.

The arguments made by this Community in support of small local schools were valid and well made. Our voices, like in so many other small Communities across the County have been ignored. The relentless pursuit of the Powys policy in closing small schools has forced this closure.”

Russell Spencer

For and on behalf of the Governors of Rhosgoch C. P. School”

The parents of those children still at the school decided that, as PCC had stated publicly that they would start the closure process again, it was unfair on the children to be put through this again. What this really means is that as soon as PCC threaten a school with closure, it will close. They can go through the closure process as many times as they like. “Consultation” – what a load of rubbish. It’s hard to believe that those people at PCC who are supposed to be looking after our children would even consider putting them through this again.


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