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I didn’t post much, if anything, about my trip to Sweden recently. One of the events I enjoyed and would like to repeat was travelling over the Øresund Bridge. I’d like to repeat it as I went over by train and didn’t really see as much as I’d have liked to although it was an experience in itself.

It’s quite a strange experience because you are sat on a train, you don’t really see the bridge as the car deck is above you, and when you look out of either window you see sea. You also go quite close to an off shore wind farm. So it sort of feels like you’re on a boat.

But there’s no rocking like on a boat, it’s very steady. Then you pass over the bit where the ships can pass through and it seems strange that you’re looking at a ship, with sea all around you, but you’re on a train.

As we got a bit closer to the shore there was this capsized fishing boat. Which was a bit spooky. I got on the train at Kastrup in Denmark and got off in Lund. I think the journey took about 35 minutes at most. I’d like to go back and travel over the bridge by bus next time. To see what the view is like from the top deck.


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