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Experimental cookery

Children should be encouraged to experiment and realise that the results of experiments are not always as expected. Jacob decided to make a pudding with sponge and chocolate. So he mixed up some sponge, then he made a hole in the middle of the mixture, put chocolate in the hole and covered it over with more sponge. Image cutting through that hot sponge to find some liquid chocolate….mmmmm….delicious. So he put it in the microwave to cook. The sponge didn’t rise much so he gave it a bit longer. The sponge still wasn’t rising but the smoke was. Quite a lot of it. I grabbed the oven gloves, pulled the smoking bowl out of the microwave and dumped it on the front lawn.

It carried on smoking and then jets of smoke or steam possibly starting erupting from the surface. It was very much like some of the scenes from the movie Armageddon, except there were no bald actors and it was much smaller, and there was no spaceship. But there was a bit of drilling as Jacob prodded it with a knife and opened a new vent.

When we cut it open the inside was coal. The chocolate had totally carbonised. This was very bad news as it meant I had no pudding. Normally I would have at least tried to salvage some of the sponge but sadly it was too mixed in with the charcoal.

Luckily we have two chefs on call to cater to our incessant desire not to die of hunger, so James stepped up to the plate, literally, and decided to make some pancakes. They were whoppers and I had Nutella (other spreads are available), sugar and Maple syrup on mine as a bit of a change because I normally just go for sugar and lemon juice.

Disaster averted; well done James. You can see a movie of the comet simulation Jacob made here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151571029659385&set=vb.563294384&type=2&theater


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