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Rhosgoch School stays open!

I received a letter in the post this morning from the Welsh Government stating that the Minister for Education had rejected Powys County Councils proposal to shut Rhosgoch Community Primary School. All the information is here: http://wales.gov.uk/publications/accessinfo/drnewhomepage/dr2013/aprjun/addysg/la3803/?lang=en

This is the school that James is currently at and which Jacob went to. It’s been a rather interesting and one sided process in my opinion. Having sent in our final objection letters the council seem to get to respond to our concerns and write down how they have dealt with them for the benefit of the Ministers staff. But reading through the councils replies there’s quite a few misleading statements and some that are just wrong. Where for instance they’ve told us one thing in a meeting and now put the opposite in these replies.

Anyway, the school stays open, the Minister decided that the consultation process was flawed, as it indeed was. Hopefully James will get to see out his primary schooling in this smashing little school and if we can get the numbers back up after being under this threat for so long, then so will plenty of other children.

I think we need to have a rethink on the schools future, maybe getting in some animals like Fairfield High School (http://www.fairfield.hereford.sch.uk/dragons.html) to emphasise the rural nature of the school; getting some astronomy resources; organising some walking routes from the school; building a birdwatching hide and so forth.


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