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Hammer time!

Sunday was another sporting journey for the four of us. Up and out of the house much too early for a Sunday, it was off to Leckwith for Jacob to compete at a Youth Development League event at Cardiff International Sports Stadium. It really is a pleasure to watch him and lots of the other athletes develop. We see lots of the same faces at the meetings and you see improvement all the time, regardless of where they come. When that is in a very technical event, like the hammer, you know that it’s because those kids spent their time training. I’ve had a go – and it really isn’t as easy as some people make it look.

Hammer was Jacobs first event. One of the reasons for coming down for this was that he’s struggled with the set up. He found the circle surface very fast and also it seems set quite far back. This has made it more difficult to get his throws out.  He didn’t seem to have much of a problem today though. He kept his head, did a safety shot first to get something on the board then improved on this with his next throws, winning with a PB.  I got a cracking couple of photos of him in action.

So here he’s in full swing, look at the judges on the left and where they’re looking. Now look at the judges in this next photo and where Jacob is looking too. It could have gone into orbit! There’s some jerky footage here as well: https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10151499227074385&notif_t=video_processed

Shot Put was next, although we did pop over the road to Asda in between events. He’d already had a vest which cost me £18, the white and purple striped one is supposed to be for South and East Wales combined team who he was part of. They were competing against West Wales and the likes of Telford A.C., Wolves and Bilston, and Solihull, and various other teams, so quite a wide geographic spread.

Shot isn’t something he practices enough so he wasn’t expecting great things, he reckoned he was 2nd or 3rd. We’d also had a picnic lunch beforehand so he was well fuelled up. The lad who won it had a set of very good throws. We waited around until almost everything else was done before Jacob got to compete in discus. He kept his cool again, got a first throw on the board, was confident enough for that not to be a standing throw, and went on to win with his final throw and another PB, over 41m. There’s a video here: https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10151499255869385&saved

Not a bad days work and coming after a week where he’s done a lot of revision for his up-coming GCSE modules. Then we heard his cousin Ben had been knocked out during rugby and had concussion – Jacob has been there and done that so they’ve got something to talk about next time they chat! When we got home I got the barbecue going. Bacon doesn’t seem to work that well, the first side is ok, but when you turn it over all the fat/juice goes on the charcoal and reduces the heating. Turns out Jacob doesn’t like burnt food. Never did me any harm.


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