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James goes to Carmarthen

This morning we all got up early (for a Saturday) and were out of the house ready to go to our respective tasks: Jacob, bronze D-of-E expedition after school, 20 mile walk along the canal, overnight camp, more walking, piece of cake for a man of his calibre. James, off to Carmarthen to take place in the Louise Arthur athletics competition where he would be jumping long, putting shot and throwing javelin.
We got there in plenty of time after dropping Jacob off but these things can be tricky. You think you know where the track is, until you remember that last time you came by bus, and this road doesn’t look familiar and so on. Anyway, I remembered and we went straight there. Cuppa and a back sausage bap for endurance and we were off to do some serious spectating. Well Sandra and I were. James was mucking about with his mates….slacker.

Long jump, which is far from James best event, was first. As he’s in the U11s age group he can only do certain events and as he’s not so keen on running he has to do long jump for the time being. He seems to enjoy it though and gives it a good go.

There were loads of kids there for long jump, it took ages to get through them all. In the end I think he came 18th.
Shot put was a different matter though.

In the picture below you can see the shot flying through the air towards the end of the stand. James got his safety shot in first (which would have won it as it happens) and then put in a PB of 6.01m to polish it off.

He was really pleased with his performance and his mate Ioan said he “won it by miles” when I said we hadn’t seen the results yet, in a “I was there mate and saw it with me own eyes” way.

Javelin was next, but it was really windy and the Brecon lads ended up throwing a size of javelin they haven’t practised with yet. Haven’t seen the results yet but we reckon James was in the top 5, maybe top 3. There was one lad there who really had good technique. Didn’t throw much further than James (if at all) but he’s going to develop well if he’s starting off throwing that well now, something for James to aim at emulating.

While we were there James had a look at the records for the events for this competition, guess whose name was next to the hammer record for U15s…?

The Williams family aren’t doing so bad….


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