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Plate final

I have made a better version of the plum pudding atom. It uses thicker plastic and I cut holes in it with a drill. The trouble was the thicker plastic was harder to keep flat. The holes don’t really do anything either, maybe with marbles they would, but they seem a bit surplus to requirements. I could just draw some black circles on with pen. I tried the new improved version and it was okay, but still not perfect. It feels like this is getting very time consuming for what it shows and I’d still have to sort out a way of making it portably, easily and inexpensively. So I came up with this as an alternative: a paper plate.

Which should be compared to the Rutherford model:

There is a gap behind the plate where fewer particles are, there are also no particles that have undergone a large deflection. Seems a lot quicker and easier and almost as good.



  1. Nicky Thomas says:

    Very good. Did you find you needed to stop the balls bouncing off the hoop once they interacted with the atom in the middle i.e. if some of particles pass through the plum pudding but then rebound off the hoop, kids may see the final picture and think they’ve rebounded off the atom?
    Nice to know you’re keeping busy!


  2. gdw100 says:

    No, because it was on carpet.


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