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Italy Holiday – day 7

Today was Colosseum day! We had a ticket for 0900 or something but they said you could go any time. My brother Tim had told me to book on-line so we could avoid the queues. It was a good idea as in the morning the queues were pretty big, but by lunch time they seemed to have settled right down. After our own attempt at an Italian breakfast we walked across to get the bus. This avoided having to change metro lines. If you go – DON’T GET THE BUS. It was slow, sweaty, hot, packed and there wasn’t much worth seeing anyway. By contrast the metro was cooler than expected. It would also have been quicker.

Avoiding the street sellers and the Roman soldiers that you get ripped off having your picture take with,  we got to the queue and pretty much walked straight in. We got our audio guides and went into the main arena to start our tour. It’s a pretty impressive structure given how old it is. As well as the arena there’s a shop or two and quite a lot of museum type exhibits. It was hot though and quite tough going.

Our tickets also let us look round the Forum and Palatine Hill. So after leaving the Colosseum we went and grabbed some lunch off a stall. Expensive but quick and easy. While we ate we watched a chap getting ripped off by the Roman soldiers. His lad had let them put their helmet on, next thing the chap was taking a picture; it was all smiles. Then the conversation turned to money. No smiles now. We think he ended up parting with 20 Euros for a couple of minutes taking a few photos.

One of the cool things about Rome is the water fountains that are scattered all over. You just need an empty bottle with you and you can keep topping it up for free. The Forum and Palatine Hill were very interesting but there was just so much Roman ruin everywhere it was a bit over-powering. Without spending ages looking at everything you didn’t really know what to look at. There was stuff just lying around which had it been over here would have been in a museum.

We headed back to the apartment where the boys cooked us another tasty meal. Pasta again, but a bit less spicy this time.


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