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Italy Holiday – day 6

Not exactly an early start, but we didn’t loaf around. Another nice breakfast in the Hotel Cristallo and then on with the rucksacks and off to the water bus. A last trip down the Grand Canal and we arrived at the main Venice train station. I hadn’t quite realised that our tickets were First Class. Which isn’t bad really, £150 for four of us, First Class, to go from Venice to Rome on a train that travels up to 250 km/h and the journey is 3 1/2 hours long. Luckily the extra bit of comfort made quite a long journey very bearable. Imagine the opposite of Ryanair.

There was a sculpture in the wayes on the way to the station that we saw several times from the water bus (http://www.artonfile.com/detail.aspx?cat=public&id=VENICE-74-4). It would have been good to see it from land.

The journey on the train was pretty good. There was some lovely scenery and the changes were noticeable as we got further south and it got hotter and drier. When we arrived in Rome it was a bit of a culture shock. From Mid-Wales, to Belluno, to Venice and now a very large, hot, city. We got metro tickets and headed off to the apartment. This was a bit more spacious that previous places and I think was probably typical of peoples homes in Rome.

We unpacked and then the boys decided they would cook while we were in Rome. Jacob likes cooking and with a couple of shops very near by we were able to pick up ingredients easily. The first night he cooked chilli sauce and prawns with pasta and James did a salad to start – they were both delicious. The ice cream cake I bought for pudding was a bit of a disappointment.

The view from the apartment was great, we were only one floor from the top. The balcony had a bit of a slant to the floor which was a little unnerving. I guess it looked a bit like the one opposite. We knew we’d have a busy couple of days coming up so we headed off to bed early. The roll down blinds guaranteed darkness even if they didn’t stop much of the sound from the street below.




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