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Belluno Tour/Italy Holiday – day 4


Rising at the crack of dawn (we’d packed our bags the night before), we hiked down to the railway station to meet up with everyone else. There were some rough looking coaches…rugby ones, not bus ones, but they didn’t look too bad considering. Apparently they’d not been too late leaving the bar the night before. We had a police escort to leave Belluno and there was some great scenery on the way. Including this little church up on the side of a mountain. The camera was on full zoom to get the picture, hence the poor quality.

When we arrived at Venice there was a boat waiting, we all hopped on and had a bit of a ride to St Marks piazza. It was a very different experience to Belluno. Sandra and the boys and I bought water bus tickets and took our bags to Lido, where our hotel was. Then we came back to see everyone off.

The teams posed for pictures on these handy tables. Apparently these are the walkways they use when the place floods. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2231342/Tourists-swim-Venices-iconic-St-Marks-Square-Floating-City-flooded-high-tides.html). That was a bit worrying considering that it’s clearly often enough for them to be left out. We did see wellies for sale too, and notices that told you what to do if there was a high tide!

After we’d waved everyone off we went for a bit of a walk round, then we went back to Lido on the water bus and had tea in a restaurant. It’d been quite a long day and we knew the next one was also going to be rather busy as we wanted to cram as much in as possible.


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