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Belluno Tour – day 3

Jacob and I were up early (ish) and down to the Famila supermarket to pick up some supplies. I bought a coffee maker. Bit of a bargain at 4 Euros 90 Cents. It came with instructions which was a big help. It was one of these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moka_pot. It turned out it was a stove top one, which was news to me. It also explains why I couldn’t get the thing to work with hot water from the kettle…

We’d decided to walk down the long road to Belluno rugby ground, stopping at shops on the way. Bit of a long march at 5-6 miles, but we were expecting Jacob to have a friendly game with the Belluno boys (https://www.facebook.com/rugby.belluno).

We walked through town and then over the very high modern bridge and past this big hat. We stopped for an ice cream at a very nice Gelataria, looked in a few sports shops, admired the mountains and the sky divers and snow white and the seven dwarves as well as having lunch.

Oh and James found some Lego Star Wars he wanted so he was happy.

When we got to the ground it turned out that Brecon U15s were going to play Piave Youth. Which would have been fine. Except Piave seemed to think this was some sort of dirty play competition. Given that they were bigger and older than Brecon it wasn’t exactly their finest hour. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many punches thrown as part of a rugby match. Brecon only lost by a handful of points and were definitely the better team, they just weren’t big enough (as they were a good few years younger) and not dirty enough. Jacob’s legs were killing him at the end of the match as he’d put a lot in, and walking six miles before the match didn’t help. Sorry lad.

There was plenty of support for the Brecon boys though, with the Belluno players and parents all chanting for Brecon. It was a hard match and the boys were very disappointed not to have won, and fairly unimpressed with the opposition. One Belluno parent stopped me to say that he thought Brecon were no. 1 and obviously thought the result was dubious. After a quick drink in the clubhouse we went off to a pizzaria. All the aches and pains were quickly forgotten.

Sandra ordered what looked like a huge zit or a volcano. James had eyes bigger than his belly and Jacob just tucked in. With a few drinks, lots of good company and ice cream (again) for pudding, we finished off the grub and got a taxi back to the apartment.


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